Self-managed tent

As our community is rich in all sorts of talents and skills and there were many of you who  asked about offering your services  and treatments.  So there are several individuals who will be offering this for the festival,   we will be providing a tent for this so that you can get together, and make exchanges between yourselves.  It will be possible to enroll what you have to offer (treatments, services, consultations, workshops, yoga, etc..) on a schedule that will be there at this tent.  For the whole duration of the festival, it will be possible for you to enroll to give or recieve as you like. 

Enrollement at the tent itself.

Vision Café Library

You have written books or other works connected with perinatality? You would like to take advantage of Yonifest to meet your readers, sell and dedicate your books?  It will be possible to do so all day saturday as well as sunday morning at Yonifest.

You will find Lyne Castonguay who with Jennie Stonier will hold the space of << VISION CAFE-LIBRARY>>

Come and discover inspirational books and share your ideas and visions around midwifery practice today in exchange for coffee and small treats. 


Book Lancement:  FABULOUS STORIES OF AN AUTHENTIC MIDWIFE :  JEEN KIRWEN by Lyne Castonguay.  Signing seances all day saturday and in the morning on Sunday.  Lancement reduction for Yonifest participants.