From the murmur of the river,

The singing of the trees and the cry of the dawn,
We are calling on you witches.
You have been humiliated for as long as humanity remembers, burned
In history written by men.
From the blood of the massacre of thousands of witches,
Healers, wild and free women,
A great wound has been made to nature and to the primitive feminine community
That subsists in our collective unconscious.
Exists a deep intuition that everything is connected.
We are calling on you, witches.

The need to heal mother earth and change paradigm.
The need for a collective force and to celebrate the sacred feminism.

Daughters of those that have escaped the woodcutter.
Let’s reclaim a return into the community
With intuitive knowledge and respect of nature.
Let’s claim our rights:

Sensible and Proud,
Redoubtable and Powerful,
Vulnerable and carried by our sisters,
In circle rather than in hierarchy.
Tradition-bearers and ancestral knowledge,
Independent of our bodies,
From childbirth to death.

Rebellious, powerful and free women,
We invite you to come and dance your fire,
Your body proud,
Come embody and assume yourself.
In your power and uniqueness.

If the hat fits, put it on and bring it to the witches ball at Yonifest 2017!