What is The Collectif Yoni?

The COLLECTIF YONI creates spaces in which to question, reflect on, express and manifest the sacred quality of birth and the capacity of women to birth their baby and placenta by themselves.

What is the YoniFest?

Yonifest was born from the creative passion of three women: Karine Langlois, Maude Poulin, et Isabelle Lebire. After an inspiring visit to an alternative birth festival in the U.S.A. they came home with thìs "crazy" idea to bring together several individuals with a common vision more "radical" around birth in an international festival that would take place here in Quebec. They surrounded themselves with a team of passionate women that created the first festival in 2014. Yonifest lasts three days and takes place on a magnificent piece of land in the country. This land is surrounded by a river, in the heart of the Eastern Townships. There are forty workshops, rituels, and exchanges that permits people to meet and create important connections to create a Community around that which we are all interested.


  • Passport includes access to workshops, conferences and evenings for the entire duration of the festival, as well as camping on the site.
  • All rates per person in Canadian dollars and subject to applicable taxes, if necessary.

Will it be possible to register for a single day? The complete schedule will be launched in March 2017. Only if there are tickets left, you will be able to register for one day.


  • Passport – REGULAR || $400
  • Passport – STUDENT* || $325

Exclusion: some rare activities, involving a particular experience and limited places, will require an additional disbursement (eg Ayurvedic massage, pre-conference) Details on these activities will be revealed at the same time as the programming in March 2017.


Passport for accompanying person – To take care of your children**

  • Passport – ACCOMPANYING** || $60

We make it available to allow the participants to come to the festival as a family and to be able to count on a person who takes care of the children while attending the conferences. A verification of the type of passport will be made at the entrance of the conference tents.


*Full-time student, proof required by email at upon registration (valid student card or document concerning your current registration or schedule)

**Without admission to the workshops, conferences and evenings educational opportunities held during the festival.

You do NOT need to print proof of purchase. Your entry will be validated with a photo ID when you arrive at the festival.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

The purchase of the passport constitutes a final sale. No refunds or exchanges. The identity of the buyer will be verified at the entrance of the festival. The passport is not transferable. The event also takes place in case of rain. All conferences are subject to change or cancellation without notice.


COLLECTIF YONI reserves the right to substitute speakers and/or worshops and conferences. The views and opinions expressed by speakers are their own and may not represent the views and opinions held by COLLECTIF YONI and its organizers and volunteers.


FAQ – Informations to plan your stay

Camping on-site

Cost: Camping on site is free to all participants.

Reservation: No reservation is required.  The campsite consists of an open area and a wooded one, where sites are not determined in advance.

Opening: The site will be accessible from 1pm, on Thursday.

Parking: The parking is located 500 meters from campsites. Few trolleys will be available to transport your equipment.

RVs: A section will be dedicated to recreational vehicles (without any services), while the sites in the woods and near the river will be reserved for tents and not accessible by vehicle.

Showers:  If you want to be safe from prying eyes and/or use soap, rustic showers booths, supplied with unheated water of the river, will be designed for this purpose. Please, only use biodegradable soap and fill the barrel for the next user.

Toilets: Dry toilets are available on site.

Fires: Fires are permitted only in the spaces designated for this purpose. At the main gathering place, the YoniFest handles the fire and its wood supply. If you want to make a fire in one of the other available spaces, you must get your own hardwood.

At night: A flashlight might be useful to move around at night.

Accomodations nearby

If you want more comfort, we invite you to book at your expense, a lodging facility that matches your needs.

Alternative Lodging:

Food and meals

Drinking Water: Drinking water is available at sinks located 500 meters from campsites. You must use your own containers for carrying and drinking.

Catering services:  There will be food kiosks on site. It is also allowed to bring your own food and beverage. It is suggested to bring your own dishes to reduce the ecological footprint left by our festival.

Cooking: If you want to cook, bring everything you need (icebox, stove, dishes, etc.), because no kitchen facilities are available on site, with the exception of sinks, located 500 meters from campsites.

Ice: Buy your ice at neighbouring facilities (convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores), before getting on site.

Dishes: Please wash your dishes in the sink provided for this purpose and return to the appropriate restaurant.

Respect of the environment

  • Bring your own glass for your beer
  • Make good use of bins for waste, compost and recycling.
  • Be respectful of the limpidity of the river by putting no soap, table scraps or other litter.

Nursing Children and Babes in Arms

Small babies are welcome in your arms or portage. A tent will be available during the day for those who want a quiet place to breastfeed. A daycare service is provided on site for other children with additional costs, if you do not have an accompanying person.

Family activities

Daycare : A daycare service is available on site for children from 18 months to 12 years old. Large family packages will be available, prices to come.

Swimming: The site is bordered by a river where it is possible to swim, if you’re brave enough!

COLLECTIF YONI provides no supervision by the river and parents remain responsible at all times for their children.

On site payments

Late registrations, promotional YoniFest items and beer can be paid in cash. Please, plan some cash for any other expenses. THERE IS NO ATM on the site.

Other Information

Animals: No animals are allowed on site.

Strollers: All types of strollers are allowed on site, although all-terrain strollers might be more easy to maneuver.

Clothing: We recommend that you bring clothing for all possible weather (heat wave, rain, etc.).

Punctuality: Shortly before the beginning of workshops / conferences / shows period, you will hear the sound of a Gong. Thanks for being on time!

Volunteering: For any volunteer offer, please contact Bianca Forand at the following address:

Carpooling: For any carpooling and hosting organization, you can use the facebook event page to network with each other! HERE