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Jane Hardwicke Collings


Jane Hardwicke Collings is a midwife, teacher, writer and menstrual educator. She gives workshops Internationally on mother and daughter preparation for menstruation, the spiritual practice of menstruation, and the sacred and shamanic dimensions of pregnancy and birth and menopause. Jane founded and runs The School of Shamanic Womancraft (formerly The School of Shamanic Midwifery), which prepares women to practice and teach the Women’s Mysteries and midwife the soul.

Jane is the author of Ten Moons, the Inner Journey of Pregnancy, Thirteen Moons, How to chart your menstrual cycle, Spinning Wheels (a guide to the cycles), and Becoming a Woman (for girls approaching menstruation).



Workshop : The shamanic dimension of pregnancy (3/08/2017 - 9am-17PM)

(25 places maximum - 150 $ for public and 75$ for people with a 2017 YoniFest Passeport)

A one day workshop for women, pregnant or planning to be, and birth workers. This workshop focuses on the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy, in other words: what lay beneath… With prior preparation contemplating our life experiences, we will do some shamanic processes to understand the origins of our beliefs, attitudes and fears around birth, seeing the connection between how we were born, our menarche (first period) and the stories about the women in our family, as well as any experiences of pregnancy and giving birth we have had so far. Then a Letting Go of Fear process and fire ritual and a shamanic drum journey to meet the baby, soul baby or Inner Goddess, to seek guidance, clarity, information and more..

Here is the preparation the women need to do before coming to the workshop:



Conference : The Connection between our menarche and how we give birth, and what to do about that

The connection between a woman’s experience of menarche and menstruation and therefore what she takes with her to her experience of childbirth is not often taken into account. The opportunity and potential healing and transformation, once this is known, can enhance the attention to her life journey, as a whole, rather than simply her experience of childbirth. So often childbirth is seen as an isolated incident in a woman’s life, however if we take the whole woman into account, more individual care with her specific healing requirements and her potential and possible transformation can be facilitated. This perspective also enables a deeper understanding for when a 'rite' may feel like a ‘wrong’, for we have the birth experience we 'need' to have to teach us what we 'need' to learn about ourselves on our life journey to wholeness. I will share information, and women's stories and we will use contemplation and shamanic drum journeying to understand our own stories more deeply. For once we have an experience of our own story and its relevance we are more able to be present to others and facilitate this for them.


The spiritual practice of menstruations

Healing the wounded feminine is about reclaiming feminine wisdom through reconnecting with the Women’s Mysteries… The Spiritual Practice of Menstruation is one way we can do this. Jane will teach the menstrual cycle from the perspective of the personal development opportunities and the honouring through ritual and ceremony that you can do each week of your menstrual cycle. These simple and effective practices will shift your relationship with your cycle and probably everything and everyone else as well! Part of the Call right at this time is to be the Women the Earth needs now – this means connected, empowered and healthy. Engaging in the spiritual practice of menstruation can help facilitate this You into being. We will also do a drum journey to our womb to meet our Inner Goddess to seek guidance.Bring an awareness of where you are in your cycle, your journal and a pen.


Understanding the personnal agenda we bring to our work as birth keepers

This workshop aims to help participants identify their personal agenda that they bring to their work as birth worker  so that they can be aware of this and make the changes necessary so as not to impact their client's experiences unconsciously. With questions to contemplate, participants will be guided through a process to bring self-awareness to the origins of their beliefs, attitudes and fears around birth. This will involve revisiting their own experiences of birth, the stories in the family about birth and their rites of passage of menarche, childbirth and menopause as each of these experiences plays a role in informing our belief system and creating any expectations or fears we may have. Participants will use writing and drawing to express what arises during their contemplation of this concept. Mostly, the idea of one’s personal agenda as a midwife is not discussed, yet it impacts every midwifery experience one has. Bringing consciousness to this is healing and liberating and influences the care that a midwife gives to every woman and her family that she cares for. One of the most important roles of a midwife is to midwife what is happening rather than what one might want to be happening. This requires a perspective that is free of judgement and a presence with what is. This sounds simple but can be complex. One of the complexities is the personal agenda we bring to our work as midwife. This of course, is life! And, it impacts our ability to be with the ‘art’ and science of midwifery and therefore every experience we have. ‘Awareness is curative’ and it is a life work to be fully aware, and one needs to start the process that leads to self awareness so that one can be as described in the Tao Te Ching: “You are a midwife, assisting at someone else's birth. Do good without show or fuss. Facilitate what is happening rather than what you think ought to be happening. If you must take the lead, lead so that the mother is helped, yet still free and in charge. When the baby is born, the mother will rightly say: "We did it ourselves!"