Lesley Everest

I am a mother of four and a doula since 1993, I draw upon my experience as a bodyworker, educator, counsellor, ordained inter-spiritual minister, and lifelong learner of the healing arts to reduce tension and fear throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. I facilitate connection to one’s motherwit in my mission to provide insightful support for extraordinary transformation. My own journey as a mother, birth attendant, and of healing from advanced cancer has nourished my belief in the curative powers of love and trust in one's deep, body-centred intuition. Ceremony, self-care rituals, empathic listening, and spiritual counselling are ways I support people on their quests for self-discovery and transformation. I am the founder and Director of MotherWit Doula Care, based in Montreal and Ottawa. It is my privilege to teach MotherWit Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainings, and speak about birth at conferences all around North America. When I am called upon to do so, I provide doula care for those at the end of life. Birth remains my most important teacher.

Conference : Fear: The driving force behind modern birth culture / Through vulnerability is our power born

There are two essential places we approach life from; love or fear. Our modern birth culture is predicated upon risk management and liability protection, which are systematically fear driven. Parents-to-be are terrified of making wrong choices that could risk their babies' health. The work of doulas also contains elements of fear, such as the concern of being misunderstood and judged, as well as the fear of "competition", which erodes community and true prosperity. How to we come back to that place of love which nourishes and informs a graceful life?

Through Vulnerability is our Power Born

When giving birth, people are invited, under the influence of increasing hormones and shifting brainwaves, to open as widely, body, mind, and spirit, as they have ever been. It is when we are at our MOST vulnerable that we give birth, which is the most powerful thing a body can do! How do we navigate this unique state of being? How do we support it for someone else? How does our culture of Modern Parenthood reflect the "opening challenges" that birth provides, and what can we do to soothe that transition? As we try to create change in our own lives, how do we block the vulnerability that gives way to our personal manifestations of power?