Norma Emilia Escalante Betancourt

I am a woman admirer of nature. I studied medicine at the same time as naturism and medicinal plants. Start the Midwife's way from my own experience of giving birth to two male sons 40 years ago, with the confidence in my body and nature, I experienced a self-managed childbirth with my second child in 1977, in my home, accompanied by my husband and my little son. I have attended more than 2000 births, most at home, as a part of a population of Jalisco, Mexico I had the privilege of seeing the birth of 1978 to 2007 to hundreds of mums and babies in my own home, as a custom of many traditional and rural midwives in my country, being this pioneering way of the houses or inns of birth at this time. As a midwife I have formed in Mexican partery, childbirth in water, quantum midwife, formation of midwife in the tradition in Brazil with Suelly Carballo traditional massage, handling Rebozo, perinatal psychology with Olga Gouni. I have done studies of floral therapist, ovarian respiration with SaajevaH, obsidian Therapist, dance and movement LIC, Master in human sexuality. I facilitate workshops "eternal female Awakening Woman" integrating the four fundamental feminine archetypes. Red Tent Guide for women. Facilitator of ancestral ceremonies of name, placenta, Luna. I teach holistic midwife workshops in tradition. Conferences in hospitals and universities. Founder RELACAHUPAN Jalisco. Currently studying the formation of perinatal psychology with Arianne Seccia. I live in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Conference : Healing of the uterus and female wounds

Healing of uterus and female wounds. Here we will talk about the healing with steaming vaginal a Mayan tradition mainly. We will require some curative herbs that then tell names for you to achieve, if possible for demonstration. Energy Healing. With plants. Healing with Obsidian Stone. All of them help to eliminate the negative female memories derived from the cultural, sexual conditioning and experiences with the masculine polarity.

Mexican rituals postpartum

Planting of placenta for the what we will salute to the four directions, we play the snail, we offer and we give thanks, we will make a song, (to ask a mother or two to bring their placentas and are agree that there quedaràn under the Earth) We will share on postpartum rituals for women as a plant bath, temazcal, closure of the body and hip with Rebozo, postpartum massage. All these of Origin Nahuatl, Maya, Purèpecha.