Samantha Zipporah


Samantha Zipporah is a practical & radical medicine woman, providing love & education for the womb continuum. She is a holistic sexual health educator, activist, & advocate. A former birth doula whose roots of study can be found deep in traditional midwifery “womb to tomb” style care, Sam has been supporting peers with a full spectrum of fertility & pregnancy experiences for over a decade in personal, professional, & clinical contexts. Her approach is grounded in a solid understanding of biochemistry & biology, & nourished by playfulness, sass, & reverent spirituality. She believes the mind, body, & spirit connection deserve reverence & respect. Friends have joked that her business tagline should be, “If anything’s going in or out of a cervix, call Sam.

Conference : HPV and Herpes Holistic Healing

In this class we’ll address the physiology of HPV & Herpes infections & discuss practical, holistic, & hopeful options for healing. In addition to practical approaches to healing, this class offers an intention to illuminate & combat the shame & stigma often associated with these infections. We will establish a medically sound understanding of the basic physiology of these two viruses & explore options for avoiding infection, improving immunity to suppress outbreaks, & resolving symptoms. Modalities explored will include plant medicines, nutrition, & other lifestyle self-care practices. Psycho-spiritual, social, & emotional components of recurrent & severe infections will be discussed.


Introduction to Ovarian Kung-Fu

Taoism is the foundation of Chinese Philosophy & Medicine. Taoist practices have been found in clinical studies to help modulate blood flow, hormone release, nerve action, & immune stimulation. “Kung Fu” translates simply as “mastery”. This offering is a playful introduction to the claiming the power of feminine vital life force through Taoist philosophy, meditation, & embodiment practices. Participants will be guided through simple accessible breathing & embodiment meditations for cultivating female sexual energy through the Tao. We will explore ancient methods for achieving mastery of ovarian energy to cultivate, heal & transform our hyper-dimensional feminine bodies by identifying & discussing physical, energetic, & conceptual realities of The Ovarian Palace, The Conception Channel, Shen, Jing, & other essential elements of cultivating female sexual energy through Tao.


Communicating Boundaries and desires

This offering is designed to support participants claiming clarity & confidence in identifying & communicating their boundaries & desires in a myriad of relationships. Whether interacting with lovers, healthcare providers, colleagues, friends, or family, many people with yonis struggle to effectively assert their boundaries & communicate their desires.  Through role playing, peer counseling, discussion, & play we will cultivate consciousness & tools for identifying & expressing boundaries & desires.