The YoniFest 2017 Team


Christelle Jacques

Christelle is first and foremost a mother of three young children. She has worked in the perinatal field for a little more than 10 years and is a young midwife. She is always eager to learn and participate in various community projects. Her first mission: put everything in place to enable women and their families to appropriate pregnancy and childbirth.

Isabelle Lebire

Fascinated by human beings, it is not without surprise that Isabelle was set to be interested in perinatal health after being in the theatrical world. A student midwife and new mother of a boy, she firmly believes in the influence of birth on humanity from small to large scale. It is in this spirit that she decided to co-found the COLLECTIF YONI and participate in the creation of the first major festival perinatal health in Quebec. Creating a space to get together to be inspired and question our impact as birth workers, as a parent, as human beings.

Jeen Kirwen

Jeen was born in Scotland and immigrated to British Columbia where she spent her youth. Having traveled a bit, she arrived in Quebec and quickly adopted the belle province as her own. Jeen gave birth to her 4 children at home and it was during the birth with her first (full breech in 4 hours, with the village doctor) that she began her journey to become a community midwife. Then, she established the first midwifery school in Sherbrooke and other perinatal health community groups. What a wonderful time! She participated in the legalization of midwifery in Quebec and the establishment of the College, Association, and bachelor of midwifery. Jeen is nourished by the COLLECTIF YONI, as well as the people who comprise it, their ideas, information, and the attitudes conveyed as well as the *Sisterhood* that results.

Julimaude Guilbert

As a child, living in the woods, with a community celebrating the beauty and the mysteries of nature, I’ve learned to trust Life. Then, living the urban life of Montreal and traveling the world as a flight attendant for twenty years, I was blessed to discover a million ways to live It. Becoming a mother, 13 years ago, was the start of a journey towards empowering women and cultivating the sacred environment that birth deserves.

Mayou Soulières

Doula and Board member of the “Collectif des Accompagnantes de Québec” (doula collective), Mayou is now a midwifery student. She does what she does because she deeply believes in the power of change and self-healing available through giving birth.

Melisande Rodrigue

Mélisande has been passionate about perinatal health for 10 years and is on her way to becoming a midwife. It was after her first birth in India, at home with a midwife, that she found her calling. She was born with a midwife pioneer in the 80s and is the mother of 2 girls. Having lived 11 years in several Asian countries since her teens, she has a diverse multicultural experience. Her desire to begin training as a midwife brought her back to her native land.

Michèle Ouellet

Michèle is a young midwife involved in her community and with women and families. Birth junkie, she has a great faith in women's power and in baby's strenght. She is also a mother of two.


A great thank you also to the CONTRIBUTORS of the 2014 edition: Maude Poulin, Karine Langlois, Hélène St-Jacques, SARA-MICHELLE BRESÉe, SARA BURKE, Irina CONSTANTINescu, Lyne Castonguay.