Varinia Barria Leon

Varinia Barría León is a clinical Psychologist and Anthropologist who works as Doula and as menstrual Therapist. Formed by Miranda Gray as Advanced Moon Mother and as Instructor in Prenatal Yoga knowing about herbs and floral scents, she has and holistic approach to women health. In the academic world, she is being teaching for the last 8 years in a Primal Health university program in Chile, where she met and co-works with Michel Odent and other important researchers and specialist in this area. For the time she lived in México, she worked and researched with traditional midwifes. An in Chile, where she is from, she collaborates in different spaces where the ancient mapuche wisdom is told.

Conference : The cycles of life and women

Ancestral indigenous wisdom for the understanding of being a woman. A look from the perspective of the Mapuche cosmovision at the natural cycles of women. Among the Mapuche, an indigenous group originating in southern Chile and Argentina, the world - or Welmapu - is understood according to two opposite types of energy. Life and its characteristic movement occur in interrelated cycles that are expressed in nature as characteristic energies of each phase. These energies, understood as archetypes, are also expressed throughout the life of women, precisely in relation to their "lunar side" or their cyclical and hormonal changes. In this workshop, we will develop the meeting points between the ancestral Mapuche wisdom around the earth and its cycles, the reproductive cycles of women and the psychophysiological and hormonal basis of behavior. Through this understanding of the processes that occur around the cycles of the fertility of women, a connection of experiences and events related to reproduction and sexuality with a sacred dimension is realized. From this perspective we hope to build positive resources to redefine these stages. This workshop is proposed with an active and participative methodology, to go beyond sole conceptual exposition and to make the participants recognize in their own experience the ideas developed.


Embracing life from within (with Ximena Velasco Castro)

This workshop is a journey into the oceanic sacred space of creation in the womb of each woman. It is a 2 hour workshop in which we explore in a sacred and safe manner the journey of human consciousness from the moment of conception to the moment of birth. How do the egg and sperm dance when they meet? What kind of energetic vibration does the uterus emit when embracing conception? What is the quality of the water and fluids that nourish these first encounters of life? We will work with resources and knowledge derived from Primal Health and Somatic Movement explorations. Our intention is to heal, liberate, and transform any wounds or buried memories that prevent us from truly honoring life. In doing, so we can better take in fully the essential energy of life, into and from our bodies and our uterus, revisiting the beginning of our existence and development as women and thus empowering our uterus as author of Creation.