Ximena Velasco Castro

Originally born in Mexico City, residing in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Body therapist, somatic movement educator, contact improv dancer, and yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience. Specializes in accompanying women, one-on-one, in integrating uterus health and the sacred feminine through her project ‘Unidad Utero Corazón’ (Heart-Uterus Unity).
Studied anthropology at the Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH) in Mexico City, craneo-sacral therapy, prenatal psychology, primal health, ovarian respiration, various lineages of yoga, somatic movement (BodyMindMovement), contact improvisation  contemporary dance, Thai massage, etc. She always been intrigued by the health of the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. Mother of Leilani.

Originaire de San Miguel de Allende, au Mexique, elle est thérapeute du corps, éducatrice en mouvement somatique, danseuse en improvisation contact et professeur de yoga avec plus de 15 ans d'expérience. Elle travaille aussi auprès des femmes dans l'intégration de la santé de l'utérus et du féminin sacré au travers de son projet « Unidad Utero Corazón » (Unité Coeur-Utérus). Ximena a étudié l’anthropologie à l'Historia Escuela Nacional de Antropología (ENAH) à Mexico. Elle a aussi étudié la thérapie cranio-sacrale, la psychologie prénatale, la santé primaire, la respiration de l'ovaire, diverses lignées de yoga, le mouvement somatique (BodyMindMovement), l'mprovisation danse contact contemporaine et le massage thaï. Elle a toujours été intriguée par la santé du corps, de l'esprit, du cœur et de l'âme. Mariée et heureuse, elle est maintenant mère d'une belle petite fille de 6 mois.


Ritual : Embracing life from within (with Varinia Barria Leon)

This workshop is a journey into the oceanic sacred space of creation in the womb of each woman. It is a 2 hour workshop in which we explore in a sacred and safe manner the journey of human consciousness from the moment of conception to the moment of birth. How do the egg and sperm dance when they meet? What kind of energetic vibration does the uterus emit when embracing conception? What is the quality of the water and fluids that nourish these first encounters of life? We wil work with resources and knowledge derived from Primal Health and Somatic Movement explorations. Our intention is to heal, liberate, and transform any wounds or buried memories that prevent us from truly honoring life. In doing, so we can better take in fully the essential energy of life, into and from our bodies and our uterus, revisiting the beginning of our existence and development as women and thus empowering our uterus as author of Creation.


Conference : Cultivating perceptiveness of the uterus

The uterus is a highly intelligent organ in our bodies, and from the somatic perspective there are three brain centers in our physical bodies, the craneal brain, the heart center and the digestive system. But after having explored for some years the intelligence and awareness of the uterus, where life is created, I suggest a fourth brain. This would be an hour and a half workshop that includes some experiemental work, awakening the senses of our uterus, voicing it, moving it, making dialogue, giving space to our uterus to express its life and energy within us and through us. Some of the work will be done with a partner and some individually. The intention is to bring presence and awareness to the sacred and powerful creation center in our bodies as women. This work has some guided meditation that I call "Connecting with the Rhizomatic Uterus of The Mother." Using a metaphor of how the trees, plants, and fungi kingdoms share their information through their intricate root systems, we do the meditation by delivering and connecting our roots deep into the heart of our mother earth.


Dance of the uterus

The workshop is based in vivencial anatomy and somatic movement. The active and open relation betwen heart and utero can give us the confidene to know about our potencial for giving birth in the most natural way that exist. If the women dont know their bodies how are they going to feel the confidence for living the experience of birth by them selves? In my experience there is a hug need for giving life to the inner body that lives inside of us. The wisdom of the utero is been left out from a patrircal culture for many generations. The powerfull connection betwen the wisdom of the heart and the wisdom of the utero is essencial in this times, the split, the cut that has been done many year ago in our culture, dosent serves us anymore. Creating a bridge betwen heart and utero through awarness and movement, can allowd us to live life from our real power. The divine lives in us, creation lives in us, we just have to make a reconstruccion of whats been broken.Moving, breathing, sounding, vibrating and touching in this fisical places of our bodys can awake the sensibilty of what has been sleeping there for years, even generations. Establishing and active relation betwen this centers can bring support for the heart in the utero and viceversa. This proposal is an invitation to invite pleasure within us. Allowding the utero to feel joy to embrace life, opening a door to have a brith with trust, confidence and joy. The utero is a magical portal, a flower waiting to be planted in a fertil soil, our body, so it can blossom beautifully in itsmaximum capacity.