In 2014 the YONI collective created the first manifestation of what would become a place of convergence for a whole community of people working in the realm of perinatal care.

In addition to selling out, this first gathering held space for an incredible richness to behold. There were internationally acclaimed presenters such as Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Whapio, as well as familiar Canadian and Quebecois faces such as Betty Ann Davis, Isabelle Brabant, Jeen Kirwen, and Jennie Stonier. The weekend highlighted ancestral knowledge, contemporary reflections, and scientific findings, in a creative and eclectic melange that inspired the minds and hearts of the several hundred participants. YONIFEST 2014 was a plethora of opportunity: exchanges between mothers, between fathers, and between various carers of all walks of life, powerful rituals and infectious laughter.

This energy continues to live on, soon to be renewed in the summer of 2017!