4-5-6 AUGUST 2017




While our 2014 gathering emerged from a desire to affirm a radical stance, in 2017 we wish to connect to our roots all while maintaining our initial vision. The gathering remains a place for meaningful encounters and reflection whilst stimulating our passion around radical birthing culture. In addition to this fiery element, we seek to add a more grounded component: in a community that often finds itself at odds with contemporary care, we seek a space of regeneration rooted in solidarity and sisterhood.

The Yoni collective wishes, in 2017, to celebrate the diverse yet powerful essence of the “feminine” in all its strength, in all its willingness, yet also with empathy, beauty and sensitivity. Together we will allow ourselves to imagine a practice that lends itself to a model of care that is more natural, less interventionist, and generally more human.


2722 chemin de Way's Mills Ayer's Cliff (Qc)